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Serenity Relaxation CD Beautiful, peaceful music to lower the heart rate and helps restore calm. Maintain our mental wellbeing as well as our physical health. Perfect background music for massage, health and therapy clinics.

Ambient Music Directory. List of New Age Music Sites & Artists Around the World

Recording ServiceGuided Meditations, Healing CDs and Self Help CDs 

Australian Music Therapy Association 


Alternative Health Practitioners

Australian Natural Therapists Association

Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association

Australian Colon Health Association

Health Schools In Australia - Distance Education. 

Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association 

Alternative Health Directory 

National Herbalists Association of Australia 

Reflexology Association of Australia 

International Institute for Reiki Training 



Australian Pilates Method Association 

International Yoga Teachers' Association 

Tai Chi Association of Australia


Spirit, Healing and General Links

Manifesting Our Reality Website - How to manifest all you desire.

Active 50 Plus Women -
Resource for active women over 50.

The Master Stones -
Online Psychic Email Readings Sunshine Coast QLD.

Buddhist Australia Directory - Buddha Net

Joćo Teixeira da Faria.  Famous Brazilian healer - John of God

Orin & DaBen. World healing meditations. 



Colour Therapy Healing 

Sunspirit Aromatherapy 



Australian Natural Health

Living Now 

Spheres Magazine 

Magazine of The Australian Complimentary Health Association 

Hay House Australia 

The Reconnection - Eric Pearl 



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