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Relaxation Music - Feedback Page

Akasha – Yoga Teacher, Stress Management Teacher

“Deeply relaxing. I find this CD great to use as background music when practicing Yoga with  my class.”


Deb Webber – Celebrity Psychic. Sensing Murder, Bert Newton’s Good Morning Australia

”I really enjoy listening to the music on Tranquil Motion. I find I can relax very well to it. It  helps take away all the worries and cares.”


Jenny Barry - Marcoola

“I use the music to calm myself down after a stressful day... and it definitely works!”


Viv Emson - Annandale NSW

“It’s not what I expected. This music is different. I sometimes have trouble sleeping but this music puts me straight to sleep. It’s a real life saver when I have to get up early for work the next day.”


Deanna – Psychic & Medium - Noosa

“As a psychic and medium I work with a lot of different people’s energies during the day. I find this CD excellent for balancing out my body after working with a range of different vibrations and also before I go to sleep. I also think this music would be great as a preparation for Reiki.”


Kol-Lynne – Campbelltown NSW

“My 16 year old son challenged me about the music really being able to relax you. He used it to go to sleep. After that I had trouble getting it back off him.”


Shirley – Sunshine Coast QLD
”It’s fabulous.. and just great for relaxation.”



Over 50 minutes of Beautiful Soothing Sounds
Relax and Revitalise the spirit with our new CD - Tranquil Motion.

A wonderful aid for






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